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I don't think I'd be friends with Kendall Jenner -Kylie Jenner Reveals

Reality TV star, Kylie Jenner doesn't think she'd be "friends" with her older sibling Kendall Jenner if they weren't sisters.
The 20-year-old 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star may be close to her older sister Kendall but she isn't convinced it would be the same if they weren't related.

"Kendall and I, I don't think we'd be friends if we weren't sisters," the television personality said Speaking in a preview for her reality show 'Life of Kylie'.

Meanwhile, Kendall previously admitted she hates being told she is "jealous" of her sister.

Kendall said: "I hate drama so much! I've truly never been a dramatic person, not even when I was younger. The only time I would cry is if I wasn't allowed to ride my horses.

"In terms of jealousy, I've never been that type (not even with Kylie, haha)! When people are acting jealous towards me, I just write them off and move on. Staying out of drama is just pretty simple for me! (sic)"

The sisters are so close that they even share their "old underwear".

"I let her borrow whatever she wants. She always comes through and is like, 'I need an outfit please,' and I'll let her borrow whatever,"Kylie said.

She adds: "And then I go over there, and I'm like, 'Kendall, I need a pair of sweats to go home,' and she'll give me the most uncomfortable old underwear, the worst sweats you've ever seen and anything that's so bad and old and small. And I'm like, 'You're so mean.'"

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