#2019Election: Atiku Abubakar, The Weeping Believer

Atiku Abubakar, The Weeping Believer

Few days ago, the former vice president of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar emerged winner of PDP’s presidential primary in a landslid victory beating other political gladiator like Tambuwal,Saraki, Kwankwaso and Dankwanbo.

But what begs the question is can he awoken the sleeping gaint,Nigeria, can he resuscitate her from the coma she has been plunged into as a result of the misdeed by successive administration?

Someone once said ” we fall prey of the mistakes of our past because we don’t take cognizance of historical fact”. Atiku has romanced with major political parties in a bid to clinch the presidential seat. However he seems to have succeeded under the umbrella of PDP.

But one need to ask, what are his ideologies, are they sound and profound? Needless to say, ideology and philosophy are not what the common Nigeria buy these days. All they want to hear is creating a status quo to enhance their stomach infrastructure. And no government has been able to successfully achieve that.

Back to Atiku, the businessman com politicians became prominent in the political space when he fought against the third term of his boss, Olusegun Obasanjo. But his affinity with the party that has ruled Nigeria for 16 years with little or nothing to show for is what we should question. I am not an Atiku pugilist neither am I a supporter of any political party or candidate, but one has to call a spade a spade.

One can say without mincing words that the emerged PDP is full of disgruntled politicians who are “united” to making sure that APC dies a natural death. But lets flip through history a bit, the APC was also caught in this same web of trying to take power from PDP during the last election-which they successfully achieved-without plans on how to consolidate it. Thus creating the misuse of power and the abuse of fundamental human right.

These are some of the questions we will ask ourselves, it is rumoured that Atiku’s former boss, Obasanjo has hindered the 72-year-old from becoming president irrespective of the political party the former chose to affiliate with.

But with his emergence as presidential aspirant of the PDP, does that mean he has gotten the blessings of baba? If he has, won’t that portray compromise on his part because of the history they both had; and if he has not, can he dig out the sins of Obasanjo if made president?

Secondly, will he decide to chose a woman as running mate thereby creating a better platform for the women folk and breaking the jinx that hitherto existed?

Thirdly, how can he navigate safely if elected without been cramp down by political godfathers that exist in his current party?

These and other numerous questions are expedient for us to find a vivid answer to. In conclusion, Nigeria needs more than just a leader.  She needs a statesman who understand the plight of the common man irrespective of culture, gender or religion. She needs a leader who truly understands the concept of democracy-the greater good for the greater number- irrespective of political affiliation.

Good bless the Nigeria  government, God bless Nigeria.





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