Facts About Constipation You Must Not Ignore During Early Pregnancy

Facts About Constipation You Must Not Ignore During Early Pregnancy

Where i come from, being pregnant is considered a blessing, in every married woman’s life. Carrying a new life within is a sensational feel for a mother to be. Life is filled with excitement, happiness, and all goods.

When a woman stays a few years without conceiving, she becomes unhappy and faces much pressure from family,friends, but especially her mother in-law who is in serious need for grand children.

At that time, all the concern is centered on her getting pregnant, no one remembers that with all goods, there is a lot of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty with typical health issues for every individual mom to be.

One of such health issues during early pregnancy are high blood pressure, heart burn and constipation.

This article is focusing on constipation during early pregnancy.

During pregnancy, Constipation starts at the very beginning stage bothering the total digestive system.

Every problem related to digestion starts with constipation while one is pregnant.

It initiates indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, vomiting and flatulence to name a few.

Constipation is a very common factor during pregnancy and faced by around 72% of the women.

Sometimes, it may cover the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy. It is always advisable to seek a gynecologist’s help regarding this matter.

Reasons for Constipation during Pregnancy

The only good thing about constipation during pregnancy is it does not bother the baby, but it sometimes could lead up to severe problems like Rectal Bleeding, Rectal fissures, and Hemorrhoids, “which” are swollen itchy veins around the rectal. What causes so all of a sudden to one’s healthy lifestyle, is a question to all. Here are some reasons that create such unavoidable situation during pregnancy.

Hormones – The increasing level of Progesterone Hormone initiates the digestive system to slow down leading to a low bowel movement. This induces constipation.

Medicines – During pregnancy, extra doses of Vitamins and Minerals are prescribed for regular intake. Iron being one of the most important supplements for pregnant women initiates the problem of indigestion, and is one of the many reasons for being constipated.

Growing Uterus –The size of uterus increases gradually creating a pressure over the intestines and rectum. Thus, not allowing the bowl to pass out clearly and initiating constipation.

Dehydration – Whether pregnant or not, less intake of water always leads to constipation. During pregnancy, water intake should be increased so, always be hydrated.

Diet – One should have a high fiber nutritious diet while pregnant. Too much intake of cheese, ice cream or dairy products should be avoided to prevent the problem of indigestion.

Stress – Being stressed during pregnancy is common to all. Too much of anxiety, tensions leading to stress lower the digestion process thus provoking constipation.

Lack of Exercise – As one gets pregnant, the body starts being tired too often. One does not feel like doing any exercise and hardly feels like walking around. This too leads towards the unavoidable situation of digestion.

A healthy diet during pregnancy can help out to overcome from this problem and can maintain good health while pregnant. Adding up a lot of fiber-enriched food like whole grains, nuts, berries, green vegetables, even popcorns could help out solve the problem.

Moreover, a huge amount of fluid intakes like juices, soups, lentils and coconut water is a blessing to solve constipation. Along with the doctor’s supervision, some medicines are also given to mothers to get rid of this issue. So stay well and enjoy the moments of pregnancy, as motherhood is the most beautiful gift of life.


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