Here is how to create the illusion of sexy Long Legs , Sarah Jessica Parker’s way

Here is how to creates the illusion of 'Long Legs', just like Sarah Jessica Parker

You may have said to yourself, ‘the long leg looks are not just a thing for me’ because you think its only for tall girls. Everyone can definitely have the opportunity to sport endless sexy Long Legs without being really tall.

The world gets envious every time Sarah Jessica Parker steps out, envious of her gorgeous super toned long legs.And you know surprises me more? Her sexy long legs continues to look flawless even at 53.

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Just like Sarah Jessica Parker who creates the illusion of sexy long legs in spite of the fact that she has a very petite body frame you too can spot sexy long legs…..Yes, it’s true.We took cues from her and several other celebrities who sport the long legged look with elan despite of not really having long legs!

Believe me, it’s time for you to look up and aim high! Here is a cheat sheet for creating those illusions that make you look like you have those sexy long legs.

If you want to be that tall girl with sexy long legs, the easiest way to achieve it is by wearing high waist bottom wear! This basically tricks the eyes into thinking that your legs start from where your bottom wear starts and gives the appearance that you have super long legs. Get high waist maxi skirts or jeans to get the effect.

Choose your footwear wisely!
This is just another silly reason to go shopping for new shoes but jokes aside, the choice of your footwear actually affects how tall you look. When you are wearing skirts or dress, go for nude colored shoes to blend with your skin tone. What this does to you is that it creates an illusion that there is an uninterrupted line on the leg till your foot which in turn, apparently adds to your height.

This can also be done when you wear color matched shoes with your trousers or tights. If you are looking towards making your legs longer, stay away from calf hugging shoes or ankle strapped flats, which reduce your apparent height.

Try tucking and cropping!
Remember that long tops gives the impression that your torso is longer than your legs and therefore gives the appearance that you are of a lesser height than your original. Tuck your tops into your bottom wear and pair cropped jackets with it to reverse the illusion of shorter height!

Skirt the problem!
A major solution to increasing your illusory height is by choosing to wear skirts and dresses. The hemline of the dress or skirt hides the place your legs actually start from. This works wonders when you choose to wear A-line skirts or pencil dresses or skirts.

Keep away from too many layers!
The lesser your silhouette is cluttered, the taller you will appear. A clean silhouette makes your limbs appear longer so stir clear of cuffs, bully pockets or pleats and layers. This will cut down on the illusion of length and make you appear shorter than your real height.

Watch out the length of your hemline!
Make sure that you don’t wear a bottom wear that is too short to expose the width of your legs and too long to actually hide your length. Your bottom wear must be of the optimum length in order to make sure that the illusion of height is achieved perfect to the T.

People with petite figures have the extra little privilege of working well with whatever length of bottom wear. But for the rest, make sure you remember that the calf of your leg is generally the thickest part of the limb. So when you wear a dress or skirt or pants that end at your calf, it reduces the illusion of height immediately and ends up making you stumpy.

Choose vertical designs and patterns!
Vertical cuts and vertical lines on your outfit draw the eyes along the lines and make you appear taller. This is one of the classic ways to disguise shortness into appearing to be taller. If you are looking for ways to increase your height and the length of your legs, go for pants that have vertical patterns, pippins or skirts with vertical creases and folds.

There you go, its time to use a little legspiration every once in a while. look up and aim high with those sexy long legs!


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