Penis Enlargement: The hidden secrets you should know

Penis Enlargement: The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Penis is a very sensible and delicate part in the life of any man. In most cultures, the penis is seen as a sign of authority. In today’s world, statistics shows that a high percentage of men want an enlarged penis or a longer erection.

Penis Enlargement is the act of increasing the length and firmness of the penis in a bid to achieve pleasurable sex.


The origin of penis enlargement is currently unknown but some historians postulate that it might have originated around the ancient Greece and Roman era. However, during this time, men with longer penis were mocked and insulted because it portrays weakness and simplicity. See this. Men with smaller penis were seen as people of intelligence and great sagacity.

However, there was a paradigm shift in idea during the reign of the Japanese empire. In Japan, a larger penis depicts power and masculinity while a shorter penis depicts the opposite.

Penis Enlargement: The Good, Bad and Ugly


In contemporary society, the unrelenting penchant for the enlargement of the penis has greatly increased. This has instigated the release of products( scientific and tradition) to the market to help achieve that. However, the real question is, do they work, are there side any effect?

One shocking revelation about the size of the penis is that, most people tend to look at their penis from the face level. Scientist have proved that most people who claim to have a “smaller” penis do see their penis from the face level looking down and concluded that it is small. They further described it to be a phobia called Dysmorphophobia-the fear that one  has a small penis.

The normal size for an erected penis is 5 Inches(13 cm). It however become abnormal when its 3 Inches (about 7.5 centimeters). The later condition is called a micropenis. Under this circumstances, medical treatment is advisable.


Scientific study has shown that men opt for penis enlargement because they believe that it’s a criteria for great sex. Others believe that it enhance their masculinity. The last group of people believe that women love to see a big size penis.

These group of people mostly use pills and lotions, vacuum pumps, exercises (jelqing),stretching, and surgery in a bid to achieve a great size. However report had it that these methods or techniques have little or no impact on the penis. Most times, some of these methods are misused thereby creating erectile dysfunction.

Most products containing Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Pregnanolone, Catuaba bark extract and Hawthorn berry. T.  are considered BAD for the penis.


Talk to your doctor or a counselor: Talking to a certified counselor can go a along way to correct the way you see your penis.

Communicate with your partner: Its also advisable to talk to your spouse.

Get in shape and lose the belly fat: Most people with belly fat have the problem of seeing their penis because of the protruded tummy. People in this category are advised to see their the doctor or engage in regular exercise to burn fat.





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